Relocating v2

Hello world v2.!. This is a new attempt to jump start the blog. Unluckily some posts from the previous relocation were lost.

I’m taking a break from my management role, and going hands on once more (good for the soul, from time to time :).

Hope to post in the short term about some work I’ve been doing with VMware products & technology in general (SDN+IaaS+Automation).

Stay tunned!

Automatizando Snapshots en Symmetrix VMAX con Powershell

Hace poco me tocó automatizar el backup de una aplicación no soportada por NetBackup, puntualmente MS SQL Server Analysis Services. La idea es básicamente realizar un backup en frío sin dejar a la aplicacion fuera de servicio por mucho tiempo.

A modo ilustrativo, el equipo productivo tiene presentada una Meta de un  VMax y el snapshot de esta Meta debe ser montado en un equipo secundario para copiar los datos a cinta. El script corre en el equipo secundario donde necesitamos PSExec y Solutions Enabler debe estar instalado en ambos equipos. Además se asume que el pool para snapshots y el grupo necesario ya están preparados.

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Won a Netbook!, thanks Novell!!

Well, I’ve been a SuSE user for quit some time, since 7.3 days and some months ago (around January) I was accepted as a SuSE Linux Enterprise 11 (SLES11) betatester. I was happy to test the bleeding edge enterprise distribution and happy to help releasing it.

In the mail list they stated that some Netbooks would be given away to some testers as a reward (i’m not sure how many units where available and can’t remember what the rules were…). I didn’t pay much attention as I NEVER win those kind of things, EVER.

Now, 5 months after SLES11 was released, I got an email from the people at SUSE stating I won one of them!!!!, I can’t wait to receive the package, it’s like Christmas!!!!! (with a gift I will actually like).

Linux support/troubleshooting

Dealing with Novell Linux support found about their supportconfig script, it’s really useful while troubleshooting systems remotely (or on-site :D).

It’s basically a bash script that collects data about a linux system (it was made for SLES, but should work with any linux). The result is a nice tarball that you can take with you to analyze the system offsite.

The software:
Basic health check guide: